I created this page to help clarify the PURPOSE of my blog.

It seems that some people are getting a little confused as to what my focus truly is.

If you are a hardcore, natural foods enthusiast. This blog probably isn’t for you. Nor if you are on a RAW food diet.

This blog is for the average person, on the main-streamed processed foods diet, that is looking to make improvements in their diet. It is for individuals that need help and support in introducing healthier, more natural food into their own or their family’s diet.

I am 100% committed to looking at these changes in a REALISTIC way. Yes, I threw out all my processed food and started my family on a healthier, animal-product free diet in two seconds time, but that doesn’t mean that I think it is the only way to become healthier. For some people it is just not that realistic. The transition may take more time or effort for some people. They may need to go about it more gradually, introducing healthier options bit by bit. That is OKAY! I’m all about getting to a better, healthier state. An improvement, NOT an extremist state where you’re only option is to starve if you can’t find (or afford) the organic food.

And even though I am trying to maintain as natural a diet as possible for myself and my family, I totally expect to make mistakes and slip every once and a while. I also won’t deny how delicious non-vegan, un-healthy food can be. The world is full of temptations and difficult situations, and living the remainder of my life without consuming anything bad for me ever again, probably isn’t going to happen. And I don’t expect it to happen for the rest of my family either.

My children are going to grow up around children, who the vast majority of, consume the standard American, processed-food/animal-product based diet. If they decide to have a slice of pizza during a class pizza party, then I am not going to freak out. They can make their own decisions with food. I am here to teach them and guide them to appreciate and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, not to condemn them for breaking a diet.

And then there is my Husband. Do you think he is going to be able to find all-natural, vegan options consistently (or at all) while serving his country in Afghanistan? Probably not. And I don’t expect him to starve while he is fighting a war, simply because “he doesn’t eat animal-products anymore”. I mean, come on!

Oh, let’s not forget about how expensive it can sometimes be to live this type of lifestyle. Personally, we are a severely limited, middle-class income family. I sacrifice a lot so that I can afford to order special, all-natural organic products. Not so much that we are struggling, but enough that we are devoting a lot of our budget to healthier food. Granted, when you cut out meat, dairy, etc. and add in the expense of the generic healthier foods the cost kind of evens out. But! When you start to really get into the organic stuff and the specialty items you have to order online, it does start to take a toll on your wallet. For me to assume that everybody can afford to do this would be a disillusioned notion. You do what you can, where you can.

In summary….

This site is about making the TRANSITION to a more natural diet and following my family and I on our journey. It’s not about being “vegan” or “raw” or organic all the time. It’s not qualified as any of those things.

I basically want to make sure that my readers understand my point-of-view and don’t have unrealistic expectations for me.

I am going to be completely honest with you when I make a slip on my diet or am having problems in a certain area. There will also be times where I share recipes and tips that target the less health conscious individual that is looking for smaller improvements. That is all being done so that you guys can relate more to me and see that I am being real, not so that I can be criticized or condemned for being a “disappointment” or not extreme enough with my diet. I would hope that at these times you can offer me support, just as I am trying to provide for you through my blog. And if you feel like my diet philosophy doesn’t agree with yours, then please leave my site instead of berating me.