My Daily Nutrient Checklist

This post is for people like me. People, whose lives would be in chaos if it wasn’t for lists.

Seriously. I am constantly making lists. It isn’t unusual for me to have 3 different lists for various things going on at the same time. And they are always scattered around the living/dining/kitchen areas, driving Dave mad and taunting Scarlett, begging to be scribbled on.

I don’t think I could keep my thoughts or tasks straight if I didn’t make lists. My mind would just be this constant bowl of spaghetti, going this way and that, forgetting probably the most important things.

I do the same thing with my daily diet routine. And because I do it everyday, this is no longer a written list for me, but I mental one. I go through the day, eating my meals and snacks, checking off various components of nutrients I want to consume throughout the day. And, to be completely honest, I don’t complete it 100% every day (just like most of my lists). But I would consider my week successful if I hit it 5 days out of 7.


I also AVOID: Coffee, alcoholic beverages, highly refined sugary treats

And this is by no means a professional diet plan or anything. I don’t have any kind of license. BUT I do have my own goals and priorities for nutrition in my life and this is what they look like.

It comes down to this for me- healthy plant fats, alkaline foods, and colors!

I’m all about EATING MY COLORS.

So, basically it works like this- as the day goes on, I say to myself “Have I had any flax or chia seeds yet today?” (or any other item on the list). And if the answer is no, then I throw some in my afternoon smoothie, salad, soup, etc. It’s pretty straight-forward and simple.

I feel that by fulfilling this checklist daily, I am giving my body the best possible fuel it needs to function optimally.

Whether you work off of this list or create one of your own, more specific to your personal diet, I encourage you to start thinking about your diet in this way. It really helps control your eating habits!

Do you guys have any foods that you try to eat every day for your health??


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  • Cara @ TheVeganBarbie September 6, 2013, 12:14 pm

    I love this! Rather than a diet that says NO this and NO that, the focus is on what you need to eat. Going to copy your list and start doing this today! I do great with the things I’m NOT supposed to eat but generally fill up on beans nuts and fruits while veggies get left out! Thanks Laura!

  • lmachell September 6, 2013, 6:58 pm

    You’re Welcome Cara! I am glad that you found this useful : )