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Meet the The Green Forks Family!

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Together we are going to explore what it’s like to go from a processed, non-vegetable based diet into a more nutrient rich, plant-based diet : )

The Green Forks will share with you the place each one of us was at when this lifestyle change began, how we progressed through it, and the benefits we’ve experienced along the way (I’m sure there will be lots!).

We’re just an average American family, taking on the challenge of breaking the mold against the Western diet. So, if we can do it- then you can too!

You can read about how things have progressed for us since we started this lifestyle change in Our Journey updates.

*I am currently on hiatus from posting. I recently moved into our first home and am not only busy from all that brings, but I am also trying to figure out how to handle high altitudes. Hoping to get back on soon!*



You can read all about me in My Story, but for the sake of giving you something to go on here I’ll give you a few facts.

I absolutely love desserts and not so much vegetables. I am a health enthusiast though, so I am trying to re-direct my love. It’s going to be a tough one…

I’m 26 years-old, 5’6″, and about 115 lbs. I try to exercise regularly, at least 3 times a week, on my conveniently located at-home treadmill. LOVE that thing. I also do yoga at home at least twice a week. I don’t really expect to lose any weight nor do I aim to. I just want to become healthier on the inside and hopefully improve my mindset and overall mood. Maybe increase my level of physical fitness and tone up a bit more as well. That’d be cool…



If I had to pick one phrase to describe my Husband’s food habits it would 100% be “meat and potatoes“. He prefers to have a very simple 1950′s dinner over anything fancy or complicated. A main portion of meat, a side of potatoes, and a side of some sort plain, unadultered vegetable (steamed broccoli, defrosted peas, a simple oil dressed salad, etc.). It kind of always drove me nuts because I was brought up in a very casserole-type environment and he just does not like his food all mixed together in a complex way. For that reason I think this new diet might suit him well. He’d be plenty happy to sit down with a plate of raw, sliced tomatoes and cucumber, and chomp away… Although, I think he will drastically miss his meat. Particularly ribeye. He’s hoping that this new diet makes him feel so great that it will be worthwhile. I’m confident it will and that he will stick with it.

Physically I don’t expect much of a change to take place for him. I mean, the guy is 5’10″ and only 150 lbs…. it’s not like he has much weight to lose. He’s only 27 years-old and all his blood-work and stuff look fine. I do think that this diet will help him become more lean or ‘cut‘ though. It just makes sense. That’s the only improvement he can really have physically aside from improving his overall endurance and strength. Most significant for him will probably be changes like improved mood and sleep habits. I’m pretty interested to see how this plays out for him.

*UPDATE: Dave has been doing great with the diet! He has been 100% committed to it, unless out in the field training or deployed (where it is not possible to do so). He feels VERY strongly about eating as naturally as possible now. I often overhear him going on rants with his friends and family, trying to convince them why eating naturally is so beneficial. I couldn’t be happier with how he took the change.* 



OH boy… my daughter. Where to even start. Well, she is 4 years-old this past September and currently refuses to eat any and all vegetables other than roasted sweet potatoes fries. Her previous diet consisted of mostly processed foods like graham crackers, teddy grahams, cereals, crackers. She ate a good amount of dairy- mostly yogurt and cheese. For some reason she has grown away from drinking milk on her own, which will actually work out well for me in this situation, haha. I won’t have to struggle weaning her off of it.

When we first started the diet these were some of the things I could get her to eat most often- peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches, coconut oil on whole wheat toast, dried fruit, pasta, and all-natural graham crackers. Notice the lack of vegetables? She’s a tough one, she is… On a positive note, as bad as her diet seems, she does LOVE fruit. Bananas, apples, strawberries, grapes, blueberries, and clementines are some of her favorites. I don’t give her fruit juice. It’s just something I’ve never been fond of (unless it’s made at home from my own juicer).

Now that we have past the first year threshold with the diet, she has a lot more variety. She has really become a big fan of roasted sweet potatoes. She also eats brown rice now, which she wouldn’t touch before. Every once in a while she will take a bite out of a carrot stick. And there was one occasion where she ate a piece of romaine lettuce even! (You should have seen me dancing around the room that day, haha). I also give her some sneaky healthy treats like Almond Butter Freezer Fudge, Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Crunch Bars, Popeye Muffins, and Chocolate Almond Butter Protein Balls. She only drinks almond milk on occasion so I have to be creative in my ways to get her protein in.

I’m sure that you can see that I really have my hands full with her. Like most toddlers, she is very picky and does not like vegetables. I’ve been trying to get her to eat them, putting them on her plate at dinner time, but that mostly just frustrates her and she gets upset. I’m constantly trying to come up with interesting strategies to entice her. But honestly, I think it is mostly just going to take some time with her.

*UPDATE: Scarlett has begun to branch out, slowly but surely… every once in a while she voluntarily takes a bite of vegetables and doesn’t spit them out! It’s a start. She has also begun to accept the fact that her pasta will have sauce on it! Annnnnd she has even developed a taste for fresh carrot-beet juice. Imagine that!*



Now this is where my hope lies. A perfectly clean slate to work with. Hunter will be 2 years-old in December and has become such a GREAT eater! He started eating purées around 6 months. I began with carrots and moved on to other vegetables.Eventually I added some fruits to his purées, but always sparingly. I focused on vegetable purées rather than lots of banana and other fruits so that he didn’t develop a strong preference for sweet things like his sister did… seemed to have worked too! He has no problem eating things that aren’t sweet now. His sister on the other hand, believes that if the food isn’t sweet it isn’t appetizing…. *sigh*

As far as what I gave him for milk, the story is actually kind of interesting. I dedicated a whole post on fortifying vegan milk HERE.

Eventually he started getting teeth in and that was when I started giving him soft, small bites of health food. Lots of healthy toast with coconut oil, brown rice pasta, steamed broccoli, beans, etc. These were some of his favorite starter foods AND he stills eat them as a toddler. He literally devours broccoli, haha. And he has no problem chomping on carrot sticks for a nice snack. For dinner, he is always game to try whatever it is that I made.


Check out the details of how things have progressed for us in Our Journey updates!