Our Natural Foods Transition: 2 Months

I can’t believe it’s been TWO months since our big diet change! Boy time sure flies when your feelin’ great : )

Seriously- this is the best I have ever felt in my life. My Husband too. There is no way we’re ever going back to our old eatin’ ways.


And I’m just like everybody else, having said a thousand times before that we were “going to start to eat healthier” and “I’m not going to eat like this anymore“. After having finally done it, I can tell you for sure that there is no way to get there other than going full steam ahead and just taking the plunge. Doing things part way is better than nothing of course, but you won’t rear the same results and so you won’t have the enticement to keep going.

Just DO IT.

Healthy eating without any cheating. Even if it’s just a trial period. Not putting the pressure of commitment on yourself will make it easier for you to agree to and fulfill, but I promise you this- once you get through your ‘trial‘ you won’t be going back! That’s why I swear by an all-or-nothing diet strategy…



Enough inspirational speeches. Now it’s time to talk experiences and changes. Lets see what changes I’ve made and how they’ve helped our family further down our natural foods path!


My 3 Year Old

I’ve been doing a lot of trial-and-error-type experimenting with her. Trying to see what kind of strategies to take on to promote healthier eating for her. I’ve actually surprised myself with how much success I’ve had. With kids, I always feel like the smallest victories are really, truly HUGE. It’s hard to change a child’s diet so if you get yours to take a bite of a carrot stick and swallow it for the first time- heck, it’s time to break out the streamers and celebrate! That is a job well-done.

Here are a few things I tried the last two months that really helped me with Scarlett:

  • I bought her a new lunch box! Specifically, a Laptop Lunchbox. It is fun and interesting with all it’s colors and containers. And if there is one thing that anybody knows about kids, it is that they like having fun. This lunch box has helped make her lunch options more exciting and appealing for her. The very first day I sent her to school with it, I used about double the amount of food I usually send her with and it came back empty! So either I’m right with my theory or I had been completely underfeeding my child… haha either way, she is on the right path now. Even though sometimes she eats everything but the more nutritious things…

laptop lunchbox

  • This next idea is courtesy of my Mom. And it has worked wonders with my daughter. I call it “Bite for Bite”. If you are trying to get them to eat something healthy, but they insist on wanting something else like crackers, it’s the perfect situation to give them a little incentive. I did this with a carrot/apple purée I made and veggie ‘stick’ chips. I told her that she could have one stick for each bite she took. She whined for the first few bites, but after that she caught on to the idea. It’s something we do all the time now and she is completely cooperative about. LOVE it! One of my new favorites.
  • I’ve been experimenting with different ways to serve her fruits since she seems to get really sick and tired of them if she eats them too often. Can’t blame her. I would too if I had them non-stop for 2 weeks straight. Here are a couple ideas I came up with to combat this-
  1. Offer frozen fruit! Obviously not the kind that freezes completely firm… that just won’t work. But things like bananas and tiny, wild blueberries work great! Through experimenting I have learned that Scarlett loves frozen banana chunks. Even more so than fresh.
  2. Purée, purée, purée… If your child isn’t interested in eating the apple- throw it in the blender and make applesauce! They might be more interested then. And this works for all sorts of fruits/veggie combinations. You can even make your own pouches like they sell in the store. Did you know you can buy reusable pouches for this purpose? I just found out and bought some! They work wonders.
  3. Eat with them. I’ve noticed that Scarlett is much more interested in eating her fruit/veggies when I eat some at the same time with her. Interesting
  4. SMOOTHIES. The perfect solution for making fruits and veggies appetizing. And more interesting for them at the same time! Berries presented in a bowl are totally different to a child than berries presented in a fun smoothie. Especially if they get to help make it ; )
  5. And sometimes you might notice that your child even loses interest in their smoothie. Try freezing it and making ice cream! I had such fantastic success with this when I made Scarlett a chocolate-pb-banana smoothie (with a smidge of hidden spinach). She only drank a few sips and got bored with the rest. I froze it and gave it to her later in the day and she ate ALL of it!
  • One of the other things that Scarlett has started eating that I am really excited about is cereal with rice milk. She didn’t really eat much cereal before though so I didn’t really have to transition her. I just started her on whole-grain cereals and she likes them. There are some organic brands that are better tasting than others though, that’s for sure.


  • Dave’s appreciation for this diet is incredible. He had to spend 12 days at on-site training and had to eat a terribly unhealthy diet, including meat. His options were very limited since there was only one place to get food- the Army Defac. The whole time he kept telling me how he couldn’t wait to come home and get back to eating real food again. He was feeling awful- lethargic, tired, and ‘heavy’. Just goes to show how your diet really can affect you!


  • If you know anything about me at all, it is that I have a sweet tooth. Not just any kind of sweet tooth either…. a GIANT sweet tooth! One that I usually can never satisfy, no matter how many cookies I eat. Well, within the last two months I’ve noticed a big difference in my consumption of sugar and how it effects my body. I have been eating less sugar in general since we’ve been eating healthy, but it hasn’t stopped me from eating a few cookies at a time or two cupcakes instead of just one. And what I have noticed is that I now feel the effects of the sugar- I get dizzy and end up with a dull headache. It is even worse if I do the binging at night. I wake up the next day almost with what feels like a slight hangover. It is the weirdest thing. I think it’s my body telling me to just stop with the sugar binging already! Haha.
  • For the first month I really wasn’t sure what to eat so I had been having a smoothie for breakfast and a smoothie for lunch. So minimal. Definitely not enough food. Since then though I have started eating healthy muffins with my afternoon smoothie, like these Banana Coconut Oil Muffins. It helps to keep me full longer so I can make it to dinner without snacking so heavily. But if I do get hungry I usually reach for the salsa and blue corn chips (love the blue ones!), some carrot sticks, or fruit (clementines are a particular favorite).
  • Not only have I added muffins to my afternoon menu, but I’ve also added a protein drink post work-out. I use VEGA protein powder and RAW Protein Powder. Vega tastes better, but the ingredients are not certified organic. RAW is organic and much cheaper too. I’m a big fan of both though.

Basically I feel AMAZING and I spend every day kicking myself in the butt for not getting on the natural foods bandwagon earlier!!!

I’m going to do everything in my power to provide my kids with the right nutritious mindset from the start so they can be their best possible selves too!





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  • Jess @ Flying on Jess Fuel October 4, 2013, 5:56 pm

    Original Fiber One contains aspartame… if you’re trying to eat “natural”, I think even SUGAR would be better than chemicals… just a thought.

  • lmachell October 4, 2013, 7:20 pm

    Really??? That’s terrible! I didn’t realize that, I’ll have to go look at the box. It’s a good thing we’ve only had a bowl or two since the diet started.

  • Leficia Mookane October 7, 2013, 4:12 am

    Can you please advise if you suffer from ulcers and i love to make smoothie for breakfast in the morning what type of fruit should i use which will make me full and can i ahave the same thing for dinner.