Our Natural Foods Transition: 6 Months!

It has been just over 6 months since we threw out all the processed garbage in our house.

And holy cow- it feels like it’s been SO much longer! Haha.

I’ve learned A LOT since the big change and our lives feel like they’ve kind of been turned upside down. Or should I say right side up since it is an improvement ; )

People ask me all the time if I am going to stick with it and my immediate answer is always, “YES!!”

We LOVE it.


Yes, it can be challenging at times… and I tend to go through slumps where everything I seem to cook is gross, haha. But! The benefits we reap far out weigh any difficulties we experience.

  • We are happier! Our moods have improved ten-fold.
  • It seems like we are better able to handle stress now, since our overall attitude is better.
  • I am personally less depressed and discouraged about my body.
  • Our immune systems are rockin’! The only person that has been sick since we started this diet is Scarlett. I assume that is because she consumes the least amount of veggies and has the most exposure to germs at kindergarten. Poor thing.
  • Overall, we are more productive. Better moods tend to help us get things done faster! Haha, go figure.
  • Clear, smooth, beautiful skin! I’m lovin’ this one. My face hasn’t looked this nice since before puberty…
  • Exercise is easier. Our bodies seem to be able to handle the added stress of exercise much more efficiently now. I can run without getting winded at a faster pace than before and I recover better.
  • Muscle tone baby! Things tighten better on this diet for sure. I never used to really feel lighter and tighter when I would try and get into shape. But now that my body is naturally becoming more lean from the diet, exercise seems to have better results.

And those are just a few!

So would I trade all of that to feel bogged-down and gross again? Uh- NO thank you!

The second biggest question I hear is, “What do you guys eat???”

Well, here it is:


Breakfast: My Green Smoothie!

Lunch: Another (more filling) smoothie.

Snack: Fresh fruit and veggie juice and/or fresh veggies with dip.

Dinner: This is when I consume my heaviest meal. Pasta, casseroles, stir-fry’s, grains, salads, pizza, etc. You know, whatever animal product-free meal is on the menu for that night.

Snacks: I’m not gonna lie… I usually have a pretty serious after-dinner/before-bed snack. Usually stove-popped organic popcorn or a dessert I’ve made.

Green Smoothie


Breakfast: Coffee daily, oatmeal, and a green smoothie when he can.

Lunch: Homemade vegetable soup and some assorted nuts.

Dinner: Same as above, whatever animal product-free meal is on the menu for that night.

Snack: Organic tortilla chips and salsa.

Scarlett (3 years old)

Breakfast: Still eating organic whole-wheat toast with organic coconut oil with fruit.

Lunch: Homemade organic peanut butter and homemade Nutella sandwich on whole-wheat bread, some fresh fruit, some dried fruit, and organic graham crackers/pretzels. I’m still working on getting her out of the rut where she brings the same thing to school for lunch every day. She is quite the challenge.

Dinner: I serve her whatever we are making for dinner and she usually won’t eat it, haha. But every once in a while she takes a couple bites!

Homemade Healthy Nutella

Hunter (1 year old)

His current feeding schedule looks like this-

8 ounces of homemade fortified almond milk (recipe coming soon) upon waking and another 6 ounces milk before taking his nap 2 hours later (I haven’t started feeding him breakfast yet really- soon though!). When he wakes he gets lunch, which is still fruit & veggie purées. Sometimes he gets some whole grains in the form of toast or instant cereal (always organic). Then another 6 ounces milk before his 2nd nap. When he wakes again it is time for dinner. If it is baby-friendly, I will try to give him what I made for dinner. If not, then I always have extra fruit & veggie purées as back up. Annnnnnd, another 6 ounces milk before bed.

SO, there you have it. That is essentially what we eat.

Another question I often get is, “Have you lost weight???”

Here is the thing- we originally went into this new lifestyle with one goal in mind: overall improvement of our HEALTH. Not weight loss. But naturally, Dave and I got a little bit of both.

That being said, I know a lot of people have weight loss as a priority when they make a big diet change like this. Especially if their weight is affecting their overall health- the two go hand in hand.

The short of it is this- if you commit yourself to living a whole foods lifestyle, YOU ARE GUARANTEED TO LOSE WEIGHT!


But for the sake of full-disclosure and of being 100% REAL with you guys. I am going to give you my own stats-

December 27, 2012 I had a baby and returned home from the hospital weighing in at 121 lbs. By April 2013 (after a very decadent trip to France and Venice), I managed to get up to 128 lbs. When we started this diet in June 2013, I was hovering around 125 lbs and this morning, January 2014, I weighed in at 113 lbs. So I’ve lost roughly 10 lbs.

I run 30 minutes on my treadmill about 5 times a week (on average). That is it. Crossing my fingers to get into yoga soon : p

Now get ready for the worst example of a before and after picture….


BAM! There you have it. Ten pounds and 6 months later annnnnnnnnd- I look exactly the same.

Talk about the most uninspiring makeover photos ever, haha.

Both were taken as soon as I got up in the morning, no make-up, still sporting bed-head. But with different cameras (the one on the right is a cheapy point-and-shoot). Oh and I am wearing the same bathing suit I have had since I was 16. Let’s see, I’m 25 now, sooooo- HOLY COW! That sucker is almost 10 years old. I guess you can kind of see the years it’s been through when you look at the strange pucker thats developed in the bottoms. Proof of my ups and downs in weight-loss, haha.


I’m not the best example because I’ve always been kind of thin.

BUT! I haven’t always been confident.

I am happy to say that, for once in my life, I am pleased with my body : )

And you can be too!


Happy and HEALTHY together- today’s the day!!!


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  • Misti (@Misti__Rose) January 24, 2014, 3:06 am

    This is very interesting, I have been looking for ways to get more veggies in and these smoothies might do the trick. We got a juicer and did a reboot but the juicer takes A LOT of veggies and fruits and I wasn’t fond of loosing the fiber. I may have to try your morning smoothie. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Mel January 10, 2015, 9:19 pm

    Hi Laura,
    I am in the process of transitioning into a natural diet. I am on day 6 with green smoothies in the morning and no meat. I am not ready for vegan but I plan on following you a little to stay motivated. I feel absolutely great and hope my husband will stick it out with me. He is 42 and was just diagnosed with Type II diabetes. He was put on BP meds in 2014 and has been on Chol meds since his late 20s. He is like your husband a Meat and potato guy but he is willing to make at least some changes. So wish us luck and thanks for the great recipes.
    PS: i came across your site, when I googled healthy carrot cake. ;-)
    Take care,

  • lmachell January 13, 2015, 6:20 pm

    Thanks Mel! Best of luck to you and your Husband. It can be very difficult at first (changing any kind of habit always is), but if you stick it out through the tough parts then I am sure your Husband will start to embrace it like mine did!