Lentil Nut Loaf- Egg and Soy Free! #vegan

Lentil-Nut Loaf

Sweet Potato Millet Salad with Citrus Tahini Dressing | thegreenforks.com #vegan

Citrus-Tahini Millet Bowl

Vegan Chocolate Pumpkin Crunch Pie | 100% naturally sweetened with only maple syrup!

Chocolate Crunch Vegan Pumpkin Pie

Savory Walnut-Pumpkin Pie. Perfect main dish @ Holidays for vegetarians and vegans! #vegan

Savory Pumpkin-Walnut Pie

Chocolate Almond Butter- all natural

Chocolate Almond Butter Spread

Maple-Cider Cream Pie with Pecan-Oat Crust. Naturally sweetened with apple cider and maple syrup only! @ TheGreenForks.com #vegan

Maple-Cider Cream Pie with Pecan-Oat Crust {Raw & No Bake}

Coconut Pecan Macaroons (NATURALLY SWEETENED- pecans, flax seed, coconut, brown rice syrup, maple syrup, & almond butter) @ TheGreenForks.com #vegan

Coconut Pecan Macaroons

Creamy Cranberry-Nut Broccoli Salad. A HEALTHY, vegan version of Fresh Broccoli Salad! @ TheGreenForks.com #vegan #healthy

Creamy Cranberry-Nut Broccoli Salad

Cauliflower-Walnut Taco 'Meat' @ TheGreenForks.com #vegan

Cauliflower-Walnut Taco ‘Meat’