5 Benefits of the Vegan Diet

Being a vegan has many health and environmental benefits. Most people are drawn to thinking, every time they hear about veganism, that this lifestyle is solely just about improving or boosting one’s health. It is not. The humane side of veganism is what makes it easily admirable and the dedication you invest in it is beyond fulfilling.

If you’re about to start off your plant-based eating journey and just looking for that extra push of inspiration, this article is it. The top five benefits of the Vegan Diet.

Reduced Risk of Various Diseases

Cardiovascular, diabetes, obesity and cancer are on the top list of these diseases. Still, health is the primary reason why vegans are vegans. To follow a plant-based diet also means that you’re decreasing your carcinogens, unhealthy fats, bad cholesterol, preservatives, sugar and other harmful chemicals intake. Your diet becomes more natural and organic which counters these diseases and gives you tons of other health benefits, too.

Less Carbon Footprint

A study from University of Oxford shows that the environmental impact of animal products significantly exceeds that of plant products. While global meat and milk production and farming are responsible for 60% of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions, the products themselves account for only 37% of protein and 18% of calories in the diet. Thus, a vegan diet is considered as the single biggest measure that can be taken to reduce environmental pollution.


No meat-based and dairy diet means that you’re being unfavorable to all animal cruelty-related things. Especially the sad truth about animal exploitation and unethical practices in animal farming. It’s simple, no animals should be harmed to sustain any human needs. We’re talking all animal by-products here, folks. Food and non-food. It is unjust and heartbreaking. Not that there are insufficient cruelty-free alternatives out there.

Your Skin Health Improves Dramatically

With the abundance of vitamins and nutrients found in fruits and vegetables, a healthier skin is an obvious benefit. Plant-based diet is rich in antioxidants, vitamin A, C, and E. You you know they say, a healthy skin is a sign of a rich and healthy diet.

The Secret to Long Life

Last but not the least, longevity. Vegans are the living proof to achieve longer and healthier lives. Alongside all the benefits mentioned, vegans tend to live happier, stress-free, and more engaged in taking care of themselves.

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