Are Liquid B12 Supplements Better Than Tablets?

Vitamin B12 is a touche subject to dig in. It’s because major bodily functions depend on the sufficiency of this particular vitamin. That includes keeping our blood, nervous system, and heart healthy. Vitamin B12 also fuels the brain, metabolism, and even affects our digestive system process.

Just like the popular protein, vitamin B12 is found in non-vegan foods, primarily meat, eggs, and dairy. On the contrary, the only reliable vegan sources of B12 are foods fortified with B12 (including some plant milks, some soy products and some breakfast cereals).

It is widely known that the medical recommendation for vegans to take vitamin B12 supplements is a must. This is due to the lack of natural plant-based sources of B12 and the sufficiency of it may seriously affect one’s health. Relative causes of B12 insufficiency includes anemia, nervous system damage, potential risk of heart disease and possible pregnancy complications.

While fortified processed foods with B12 could get you going, it would still be not enough. It boils down to the actual absorption of B12 within your body. You see, there are factors like food pairings, malabsorption, genetics, and digestive health that may affect how our bodies digest and process the foods we eat and break them down into nutrients. This is where proper B12 supplementation comes in.

Great, we get to advanced to the B12 supplementation phase. Once you head to the pharmacy, there are overwhelming B12 supplement brands and you might end up getting confused on what is best for you. Seek professional advice and consultation because that is the most reliable way to know your needed daily dosage of B12. The most common types of B12 supplements are in tablet and liquid form. Both are reliable options however there’s a slight advantage when you consume liquid B12. Sprays or liquid B12 forms are sublingual supplements. They’re like tablets except they melt under the tongue where they immediately enter the bloodstream. Rather than having to be processed through digestion first, it will directly enter your system as soon as possible, unlike tablets.

The importance of such supplementation is non-negotiable and it’s better to be fully knowledgeable with your health status. Just like any other vitamins or nutrients, vitamin B12 is an important health requirement that we shouldn’t just neglect, but rather keep track with.

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