Best Vegan Milk for Coffee & Tea

Vegan or not, one should be able to enjoy a good cup of coffee without trespassing the boundaries of the lifestyle they chose to fulfill. Not to mention those people who happen to be lactose-intolerant yet coffee makes their mood the best it could be.

The good thing is, even the most popular coffee joints nowadays are now offering vegan coffees using only the best vegan and dairy-free milk alternatives. Well of course some us prefer to make a fresh cup of our own at the comfort of our home, most probably before heading into your busy day. With that, we listed the best milk replacements for vegan coffee.

Oat Milk – The Best Vegan Milk for Coffee!

Oat milk is the authors personal favorite for coffee as it does not break down into bits (ever) when in coffee or tea. Additionally, oats are naturally high in protein and fiber and that could be the perfect coffee creamer characteristics for some.

Soy Milk

If you ask around, soy milk is probably the most common dairy-free milk alternative in most households. Soy milk is not just great for avoiding dairy but also perfect for people with nut allergies. There are a variety of brands of soy milk and may likely to differ from each because of the formulation. In terms of texture when added to coffee, it tends to split after sitting a while so you may have to stir the coffee from time to time. Other than that, it tastes very neutral and complements very well.

Almond Milk

A few of you may have tried almond milk already. Almond milk tends to curdle just like of soy milk, and that is because of temperature and acidity. There’s a way to avoid curdling though. You just need to avoid pouring cold almond milk into very hot coffee. Also, that nutty flavor in almond milk makes all difference when blended into coffee.

Cashew Milk

The taste of cashew milk is a lot less nutty than almond milk and in some cases, it comes quite creamier in texture. That’s the whole point of it anyway, the creamier the better. Cashew milk is also naturally sweeter than almond, which can be both good and bad for coffee depending on your preference.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk froths up a lot and that is due to its fat content. Quick note, don’t use canned coconut milks as they’re much better for baking, choose cartons. Generally, you won’t have a problem with the taste but be mindful with the amount you put as it can overwhelm that distinct coffee bitterness.

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