Does Pea Protein Taste Worse Than Whey?

Plant-based proteins are excellent protein alternatives. New brands are popping up left and right to remind us that they can be as beneficial as non-vegan protein sources. You might say that the statement is only relevant if we’re speaking on behalf of the vegan community, but it’s not. Even for non-vegans, you can be drawn to plant-based proteins.

Pea protein is one of the most common plant-based proteins in the market. The reason being is because pea is a complete protein. Despite being relatively low in methionine, it contains all the nine essential amino acids that your body cannot create. And mind you, not all protein base have that same characteristics as pea.

There is actual evidence and studies as well, proving that pea protein can help in building muscle mass, just like whey. Given the right diet and workout training, pea protein can be as effective as common dairy-based proteins.

Then there comes the most commercialized factor about these types of products. And that is taste. Some might argue that you shouldn’t expect much about how it tastes, being raw, organic, and all that but that could also be the major drawback for some. For vegans, sure, you’re used to that earthy, sometimes chalky and gritty taste but it is not about the getting-used-to anymore, it’s about standing out alongside the primary option.

Naturally, pea protein powders will give you that chalky and gritty taste, especially the purest unflavored powders out there. To categorize this kind of taste as “bad” is just unfair to the overall perspective of health-oriented products. It is what it is and for some, it is better that way. It’s more natural, more wholesome, more organic. You know what I mean. Technically, we can safely say that it’s all about preferences. Also, manufacturers are always targeting both sides of a certain market. That is why a single pea protein product could have a dozen different variants in a variety of flavors. You just got to choose what suits your needs.

Same goes for whey or any other protein sources, dairy or not. When it comes to taste, they can be as extreme as they can. Finding the right one is the key. We can say that taste is overrated but who are we kidding, it will all depends on what goes perfectly in your diet.

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