Easy To Grow Garden Vegetables

What a sight it is to witness a garden coming to life, no matter how or big small. Enlightening, isn’t it? Apart from that, how awesome it is to be able to say to anyone “Oh, it’s freshly picked from my garden.” Now that’s the sole purpose of gardening. Having the freshest vegetables or fruits right at your backyard. Because who knows how much chemicals are we getting from the commercial ones, agree?

Given that not everybody is granted with a piece of land where they can start their gardening journey, starting small (through gardening pots and improvised gardening containers) will definitely do. And you know, it’s a good place to learn gradually. Also, you might want to start with easy to grow garden vegetables that doesn’t require advanced gardening knowledge or skill. These are perfect for beginners and others who just simply want to grow something fresh that they can call their own.


Lettuce together with spinach and arugula are easy to harvest and maintain. Lettuce is cold resistant as well and can be grown even in containers, as long as the plants have a reasonable room space to grow. Whenever you need fresh greens to you salad, just pick some and you’re good to go.


Cucumbers grow fast. They also need additional vertical space once they started sprawling. Most people who got into gardening did cucumber as a starting point. Cucumbers are excellent for containers, small spaces, and have good disease resistance. No need for any excess maintenance.


The key to growing carrots is a well-drained soil. They might not grow very large if you have a rock soil, you know. Other than the soil condition, it’s easy and fun to grow. Just remember what you did back in grade school and that’s pretty much it, really.

Bell Peppers and Tomatoes

You can grow these two in hanging baskets or other containers. You’ll just have to make sure that their space is getting enough sun and have stable support for their stalks. Once they’re grown and ready to harvest, you’ll be amazed.

Green Beans

Actually, a variety of other beans like snap beans or string beans are ideal for home gardens. There are bush types and vine types and both grow easily from seeds. Lots of sun and well-drained soil is a must for growing beans.


Growing radishes is pretty much like that of carrots and is ideal for beginners. It’s a great addition to your salad or any recipes. There’s even a variety of radishes you may choose to grow.

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