Is Vegan Fast Food Bad?

The term fast food is always tagged as the convenient yet unhealthy food options we indulge ourselves in. Try adding vegan before it and you have additional confusion…

It seems a lot to process when we say vegan fast food. But at a certain level, there’s still that healthy ring as long as there’s vegan in it.

Or is it… ?

Plant-based diets require special attention to make it work. It isn’t an overnight thing. There’s a need for thorough understanding and readiness. You see, the nutritional requirements of our body are overwhelming. Vegans or not, you need to have a well-balanced diet to fulfill all these needs. That includes such factors like your cooking method, the oil and other ingredients you use, and so on.

With that, how can we be so sure how good or bad vegan fast food is? It could be both but sadly, they’re mostly bad. More often because of the way on how they cook the food. You know what’s more surprising? There are actual evidences that it can be as bad as regular fast foods. The most common metrics they use in such cases are the calorie and cholesterol counts. Suddenly they weren’t as healthy as you think, huh? There’s also a scientific reason why plant-based dishes are not cooked on higher temperatures. And that is to preserve its natural nutrients and enzymes.

On top of all this, the whole nondisclosure of nutritional facts on any vegan fast foods can you make you left bothered. Come to think of it. You’re working so hard to achieve and maintain a suitable plant-based diet yet when you try to eat outside, some fast food vegan spots are trying to bend the rules. That could be a case of personal choice but still, it’s kind of a scratch to the whole practice of veganism.

In conclusion, vegan fast food could be bad. If there comes a time that there’s no way you can avoid it, just ensure that you’re in the right vegan fast food place that respects how vegan food should be.

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