The Best Vegan Ice Creams (Top 5)

I think no one would refuse if offered a scoop of chilled, flavorful, and rich ice cream. Everybody loves ice cream. Ice cream picks us up from the lowest point of our mood to making us feel like waking up on a rest house up to the beach side. A comfort food is what it is.

One of the main components used to make ice cream is dairy and as you may know, it’s a big no for vegans. Well, would you think that vegan bacon is a thing but not ice cream? Of course not. There are actually lots of vegan ice cream brands that surprisingly, covered almost a quarter of the total ice cream market to date. Even big ice cream brands are committed to producing vegan ice cream options in continuous growth. And given the right equipment, you can easily make vegan ice cream at the comfort of your home kitcn as well.

For now, here are the Top 5 Vegan Ice Cream brands that I love and recommend for vegans with sweet tooth. These brands have an endless line of vegan ice cream flavors to choose from. And it’s very likely that one or two of your favorites will be there.


You’re clearly missing out if you haven’t tried Häagen-Dazs at least once. For more than 50 years, they indulged us with the perfect flavors and the creamiest textures of ice creams. And yes, they got this perfect line of non-dairy vegan ice creams that are just beyond irresistible.


Well, as the brand name bears, you will surely feel the same. They only make non-dairy ice creams in tons of fun and funky flavors. Here’s the catch, their vegan ice creams are also filled with protein and fiber. How about that for an ice cream that usually gives you calories and sugar. Much more enticing, I would say!

Perry’s Ice Cream

Perry’s have brought the vegan ice cream game in a whole new level. Their non-dairy goodies are also made with pure whole grains and packed with fiber. Texture is smooth and creamy – something that you could never go wrong trying. They call it frozen desserts in there as well. It feels right-on because of their top seven delicious flavors.

So Delicious

So Delicious is a premium brand of vegan ice cream that also makes ice cream bars and sandwiches. They have a line of tasty flavors that are unique and made only with the purest quality ingredients.

Ben & Jerry’s

Euphoria that’s non-negotiable is what Ben & Jerry’s have. If you love chocolate-y flavors in different forms, you should go for this one. Their vegan ice creams have non-limited chunks and swirls with creaminess that is heavenly. Made with almond milk and are 100% vegan.

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