Best Vegan Nail Polish 2020

The number one rule in choosing the best Vegan nail polish is to always have it both ways – vegan and non-toxic. It just doesn’t make sense to consider just one or the other if you really want to spark change to the environment and to yourself. There are brands that actually care about the overall health of your nail beauty regimen and we will list the best ones below. If you’re having a hard time finding harmless vegan nail polishes, look into this list closely as we know that you’ll be needing them for your weekly nail grooming.

Top 5 Best Vegan Nail Polish

ZOYA Nail Polish, Aubrey

One of the most trusted brands that carry cruelty-free and vegan 10-free nail polish. Zoya was founded in 1986 and evolved from a small nail salon into a spa focusing on healthy, natural solutions for natural nails, skin care, cosmetics and haircare.

The brand is actually popular among celebrities and runway models which make it available almost anywhere. It doesn’t smell half as bad as most regular nail polishes do, it’s long-lasting, and dries quickly as well. From top to bottom color shades, Zoya got you covered. And almost all their available shades are well-received and loved by their huge followers.

Free of: Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Dibutl, Toluene, Camphor, TPHP, Parabens, Xylene, Ethyl, Tosylamide, Lead

ella+mila Nail Polish, Love Collection - Honeymoon Bliss

A growing brand that is also a great option to look out for. Their non-toxic vegan 7-free nail polishes are long-lasting, chip-resistant, and quick-drying. 

Obviously never been tested on animals and is PETA-certified. One of the brand’s avid user even stated that it lasted seamlessly for two weeks! And that there’s no smell at all while the color is such a beauty on your nails.

Free of: Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde Resin, and Camphor

Karma Organic Natural Nail Polish-Non-Toxic Nail Art, Vegan and Cruelty-Free Nail Paint (Sand Between My Toes)

Karma Organic Non-Toxic Nail Polish is designed to be easy and gentle on your nails and is available in more than one hundred exciting colors.

One great thing about this vegan nail polish is even their packaging is one hundred percent recyclable which is a rare practice nowadays. This polish is chip-resistant, durable, and non-yellowing. The great catch though about this brand is that it is actually a heartwarming spa spot before they started selling organic personal care products, with two locations in New Jersey. If you’re a looking for a double treat, well there you go.

Free of: TPHP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, and Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)

Cote Toxin Free Nail Polish (No. 106 Blue and Purple Mix (Shimmery))

Cote’s products are created free of the major toxins and allergens that are often associated with nail polish.

If you’re willing to pay extra bucks, Cote nail polishes will take care of you. You know what they say that quality comes with a price. Well, that’s Cote hitting the bull’s eye with non-toxic vegan nail polishes. After that first brush stroke, you’ll know the difference right away. It can deliver the best possible outcome as proven by the brand’s regular users.

Free of: Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Toluene, Camphor, Formaldehyde Resin, TPHP, Xylene, Ethyl Tosylamide, Parabens, and Gluten

butter LONDON Nail Lacquer, Purple Shades, Lovely Jubbly

Butter London’s highly pigmented 8-free nail lacquers are available in countless colours and finishes.

Formulated using only the highest quality ingredients that are vitamin-riched, providing exceptional nail strength and consistent coverage. No need to bore you with other stuff you already know, this is a brand that you can count on. And it is highly recommended by other vegans, moms, health experts, and even by first-time users. For outstanding results, it is highly suggested to use their nail lacquer with Butter London base and topcoats to make it last even longer.

Free of: Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, DBP, Toluene, Camphor, Ethyl Tosylamide, Xylene, and TPHP

Which Would We Buy?

Other Vegan Nail Polish Brands

Sundays Non-Toxic Nail Polish

Sundays Non-Toxic Nail Polish is 10-free, completely cruelty-free and vegan. It is one hundred percent free of animal by-product, and rest-assured not tested on animals. Ergonomically, the bottle shape and brush is optimized for a precise and quick application. They actually have one of the simplest yet purest formulation that delivers long-lasting strength and shine to your nails. You can never go wrong with this one. 

Free of: TPHP, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Xylene, Ethyl Tosylamide, Camphor, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Parabens, and Tert-Butyl Hydroperoxide

Kure Bazaar Nail Lacquer

Kure is a premium brand making 10-free vegan nail polishes. Obviously the most pricey among our list of lacquers. But I’m telling you, it has impecabble resistance and the ultra-shine result is unforgiving. It is smooth, strong, and healthy. Nothing else is needed to make this brand stand out. Loved the brand’s outlook as well – a new philosophy that preserves the vitality of nails respecting their natural cycle of regeneration. I think no one could have put it any better than Kure.

Free of: Toluene, Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, Synthetic Camphor, TPHP, Paraben, Xylene, Styrene, Benzophenone-1, and Benzophenone-3

LVX Nail Lacquer Polish

LVX nail lacquer is 10-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. Given that it’s made only with pure organic components, their nail polish is undeniably super glossy and longwearing once applied. If you’re familiar with LVX’s stand in the industry, they’ve collaborated with numerous designers such as Mara Hoffman, Tadashi Shoji, Tracy Reese, Rodebjer and others that showcase exclusive shades for Fashion Week runway presentations. They have tons of colors to choose from, all of which are such a joy in the eyes. It’s a win-win for the environment and for your nails, just like what most LVX’s users are saying in terms of quality.

Free of: Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, DBP, Toluene, Camphor, Xylene & Parabens, TPHP, and Gluten

AILA Nail Lacquer

AILA cares about wellness and quality. The brand was inspired by a desire to provide beautifully curated nail colors without compromising function or nail health. It’s a trusted brand by many and regardless of the many non-toxic cruelty options in the market, AILA still find its way to be the brand of choice for some. Their nail polishes are made with nail strenghtening formula that provides long-lasting and chip-resistant effect.

Free of: Parabens, Sulfates, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Triphenyl Phosphate, Xylene, Bismuth Oxychloride, and Ethyl tosylamide

Smith & Cult Nail Polish

Smith & Cult is simply fascinating. The colors that embody their non-toxic nail polishes somewhat represent who you really are. It is relaxing, bold, and sweet. You should go check out what they got and see what suits you best. The color palette ranges from fascinating to idiosyncratic, boldly intense to sugar-coated sweet, and gracefully refined to deviantly defiant. Needless to say, it’s guaranteed vegan and cruelty-free.

Free of: Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Xylene, Ethyl Tosylamide, and Triphenyl Phosphate

Adrianne K Shimmer Nail Polish

Adrianne K vegan nail polishes are a great addition to your non-toxic line-up of lacquers. Becuse who said you should only stick with a single brand, right? Their nail polishes are made with extra care with a 10-free formula. However, the ranges of colors and shades are quite common but I think it can be improved. Aside from that, your nails are definitely well with this one.

Free of: Formaldehyde, DBP, TPHP, Ethyl Tosylamide, TBHP, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Toluene, Xylene, Parabens, and BPA

Piggy Paint Non-Toxic Nail Polish

You know what they say about kids, start ’em young? Here’s Piggy Paint for the kiddos, one hundred percent non-toxic, water-based, cruelty-free, and vegan. It’s odorless, it is kid-friendly, safe for pregnancy. It’s all what you and your kids need. Enclosed in a cutie bottle with a pig smiling right at ya. So adorable. This is a great choice to introduce your kids to healthy nail lacquers. A quick reminder from the brand though to achieve perfect nail polishing results – Piggy Paint dries to the touch the same as traditional polish, but takes longer to cure (since it doesn’t have any harsh chemicals). You should blow-dry polished nails for 1 minute with a hair dryer set on warm heat, low blower setting.

Free of: Formaldehyde, Toluene, DiButyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde Resin, Bisphenol A, Ethyl Acetate and Acetone or Camphor

Vegan and Non-Toxic Nail Polish

Manicure and pedicure are just two of the many ways to treat yourself. Gone are the days where you just paint your nails everytime there’s a special occasion of some sort. Evidently, ever since the concept of social media attention boomed the public, we’ve been doing our nails more frequently than usual. If you try to search for hashtags that are gorgeous-nails-related, your feed will look like a hand modeling online contest. Tons of newly painted colorful nails, others paired with various complicated lining designs and drawings, each shining with their own characteristics, colors and style.

The thing is on how often do we paint our nails, it also determines how often we get to exposed ourselves to the chemicals in our nail polish. Urgh, chemicals. The word itself defines toxicity and self-harm. You can imagine it, knowing these types of personal care products are used in direct physical contact. With just practical knowledge and color palettes as basis, it’s hard to determine what is good for us or not. The most overlooked boundary of consumerism, because a consumer should know what’s in his/her choices of products more than anyone else. And yes, it’s a two-way road responsibility. Today, we will create a discipline to know more about nail polish – both vegans, cruelty-free, and the toxic ones.

Beauty can be achieved in many forms. From the highest medium of makeover, up to the simplest practice of personal care, like painting your nails. Polishing and coloring your nails often define your mood, your current state, and sometimes even how you slayed that job interview. It’s a form of self-treatment. Remember this, health is the ultimate beauty in you. And it’s your job to seek what’s best for your whole-being. With these vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic nail polish options, there is simply no excuse not to choose organic.

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