Best Vegan UGG Boots (Cruelty Free) 2020

We hunted down the best vegan UGGs available online. Based them on comfort, value and durability. UGGs are stylish and comfortable but if you want to wear these fluffy boots minus the animal cruelty against sheep, we highly recommend wearing vegan UGGs. Much like the real thing, vegan UGGs feel like the real thing, using state-of-the-art synthetics and polymer. No leather, no wool, no animal skin; animal and cruelty-free, these are The Green Fork’s 5 best Vegan UGG boots.

Top 5 Best Vegan UGG Boots (Cruelty Free)

PAWJ California Short Vegan Fur Lined Boot (7, Chestnut - Wild Leopard)

The PAWJ UGGs wear exactly like the wool version except it uses synthetic suede and faux fur. The best part? PAWJ UGGs adjust within a specific range of feet size.



  • Adjusts to your size
  • Feels like real wool
  • reinforced heel design


  • Chemical smell on first purchase
  • Hard to take off
  • Not a lot of size options

If there was a great example of how faux UGGs are good, you look forward to the PAWJ UGGs. PAWJ UGGs are one of the most best-selling vegan UGGs available and they are close to the real thing as you can get. We love the sturdiness of the PAWJ and how it feels tough against the surroundings but very comfortable for the feet.

Speaking of comfort, PAWJ has the right tone of fluffy yet durable. Plus, you can use water and stain-protective spray on the PAWJ UGGs in case you are very meticulous on stains. For vegans who like UGGs, this is a must-buy.

DAWGS Women's 9 Inch Faux Shearling Microfiber Vegan, Black, 8 M US

DAWGS is a very known vegan company that makes affordable yet very durable vegan uggs. For less than $50, you get a lot of value from the materials used alone.



  • Affordable
  • Ideal for 9″ feet
  • Extremely comfortable


  • Not much size options
  • Gets stained fast
  • Easily damaged

If you are looking for no-fuss no-fur vegan UGGs, you will want DAWGS. These vegan uggs use microfiber, faux shearling and rubber sole to give the best comfort for your feet during winter. DAWGS are also very warm to the feet which are so ideal, they make wool-laced UGGs look very criminal.

Although, we do like to indicate that the design gets easily damaged quickly. Do not worry about the protection; it’s just that the DAWGS outer design tears up fast especially when worn frequently. Nevertheless, DAWGS are worth buying especially at such an affordable price.

Arcopedico Women's Milan 2 Black Boot 9 M US

Lightweight and flexible, the Arcopedico Women’s Milan boots are vegan UGGs that are light on your feet and light on your pocket. Made with top-quality faux fur.


  • Lightweight
  • Easily wearable
  • Adjustable strings


  • Not ideal for thick socks
  • Quite small for tall people
  • Sheds after a while

If you prefer tall winter boots, the best we can recommend to you is the Arcopedico Women’s Milan vegan UGGs. Arcopedico is stylish as it is eco-friendly. It uses faux suede and faux fur that feel like the real thing. Best of all, the Arcopedico UGGs are very lightweight, especially for tall boots.

However, there are some drawbacks especially if you are using thick socks. While your feet can easily slip in with thin socks, you may struggle when fitting in with thick ones. Also, these vegan UGGs were made for short to average-sized people so tall ones may find this one small.

But even with its drawbacks, the Arcopedico UGGs are still great to buy when you need tall winter boots.

Willowbee Women's Zoey Boot, Sand, 9 M US

Easy to zip up and down along with a very comfortable 100% textile touch, the Willowbee Women’s Zoey boots make excellent vegan uggs. Plus, the Willowbee boots are very affordable too.


  • Affordable
  • Easy zip fit
  • Multiple color options


  • Not much traction
  • Not exactly for outdoors
  • Minimal ankle support

For the vegan that prefers staying at home but still has fashion sense, we highly recommend the Willowbee Women’s Zoey Boot. Cute, chic and comfortable, the Willowbee vegan UGGs are very good indoor footwear. The pair will keep you warm enough throughout the winter. And since the Willowbee is especially for inside buildings, the selling price is very low. Plus, it has a variety of colors and sizes for you to choose from.

We strongly advise that you don’t take the Willowbee outside since they’re designed like home slippers disguised as boots. That means it does not resist against slippery surfaces and does not provide any ankle support especially for long walks.

In the end, the Willowbee vegan UGGs are a solid choice for indoor wear.

Airwalk Stone Suede Women's Nia Cozy Boots 7.5 Regular

If you prefer comfort over everything else, the Airwalk Women’s Nia Cozy Boots fits you perfectly. Laced with faux suede and faux fur lining, the Airwalk literally makes you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.


  • Very light
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Padded footing


  • Not ideal for wide ankles
  • Hard to wear and take off
  • Chemical smell when unboxing

Airwalk Women’s Nia Cozy Boots speak for themselves: a pair of vegan UGGs that specializes in comfort: both in warmth and feet feel. Airwalks are also what you think: they’re as light as feathers. The overall feel inside the vegan UGGs are so good, they’re like pillows. Amazingly, the boots are fluffy on the inside and sturdy on the outside.

However, there is a catch: Airwalk vegan UGGs are not the best for wide ankles. If you want an alternative, we highly suggest getting PAWJ boots instead. Also, you will have a hard time putting it on and off.

But despite the catch, the faux suede-laced Airwalk vegan UGGs are more than just comfort for your feet.

Which Would We Buy?

  • Best Vegan UGGs: PAWJ California Short Vegan Fur Lined Boot
  • Best Value Vegan UGGs: DAWGS Women’s 9 Inch Microfiber Faux Shearling Vegan
  • Best Tall Vegan UGGs: Arcopedico Women’s Milan 2 Boot
  • Best Indoor Vegan UGGs: Willowbee Women’s Zoey Boot
  • Best Cozy Vegan UGGs: Willowbee Women’s Zoey Boot


If you want the whole package of comfort and style, we highly recommend two: PAWJ and Airwalk vegan UGGs

PAWJ may not be the cheapest but it certainly has a reasonable price for its superior comfort, ease of wear and style. Alongside the PAWJ are the Airwalk vegan UGGs. The Airwalks are inexpensive so you will not have a hard time getting one. Also, both brands have multiple color and design options for you to choose from.

So, if you want to vouch for vegan UGGs and outdo the wool and furred winter boots, flaunt your feet with PAWJ or Airwalk boots.

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