Tabbouleh Wrap

Tabbouleh Wrap |

Guess what I got last weeeeeek…..

No guesses? Well, here. Let me show you!


A citrus juicer! And an electric one at that.

It’s really cool. I can’t believe that I waited so long to get one. I used to have a manual press, but that was back when I never really used lemons so I got rid of it. Then when I started using lemons again I just squeezed them by hand over a bowl or whatever. Well, since starting this diet I go through lemons like nobody’s business! I’m talkin’ 2 to 3 lemons  a day is the norm around here. It was really starting to drive me nuts, juicing 3 lemons a day by hand. Particularly because I somehow always have some sort of invisible cut on my hands that the lemon juice will find…

So I made the executive decision that a citrus juicer was in order. BEST. DECISION. EVER!


Oh and while I’m talking appliances, just for a little fun I wanted to give you a visual of the far reaching effect of the new diet.

Before my diet, my kitchen counter boasted a kitchen aid mixer, a GIANT glass jar of granulated white sugar, and an even BIGGER glass jar of bleached all-purpose white flour. (Giant jars courtesy of Walmart.)

Since starting my diet, my kitchen counter has undergone a very noticeable make-over. You can see that what now sits on top of it is my vitamix, a food processor, and my brand new citrus juicer.

Talk about a transformation!

Tabbouleh Wrap |

And aside from my new toy, I have a great recipe to share with you.

Layers of crisp lettuce, herby tabbouleh, creamy hummus, and garlicky pesto, all wrapped together in a healthy tortilla!

Mmmmmmmm. 3 of my favorite things coming together as ONE.

Tabbouleh Wrap |

Seriously, this wrap is AWESOME. And here is the reason why- it’s easy, delicious, and can be as store-bought to homemade as you want it to be!

That makes this recipe the perfect option for those that are really busy and can’t make it into the kitchen to do the prep or for those that are just not too kitchen savvy. Finding prepared organic pesto, tabbouleh, and hummus is pretty easy now a days. Personally, I think Cedar’s makes some great stuff.

Tabbouleh Wrap |

If you do get the chance to make any of the 3 components yourself, try to use a vegan pesto. This recipe HERE is great. It uses avocado which I LOVE on this wrap.

I made my own tabbouleh and used quinoa instead of bulgur for a little variation.

Is there a specific healthy brand of hummus, tabbouleh, or pesto any of you can recommend?

Smart Substitutions:

  • You can use whole-wheat/whole-grain sandwich bread or a pita pocket instead of making a wrap.
  • Use any fun flavor alternative to pesto, hummus, or tabbouleh you can find! (i.e. sun-dried tomato pesto, roasted red pepper hummus, chickpea salad instead of tabbouleh)

Tabbouleh Wrap
  • tabbouleh (store-bought or homemade)
  • hummus (store-bought or homemade)
  • pesto, preferably vegan (store-bought or homemade)
  • crisp shredded lettuce
  • whole-wheat wrap
  1. Spread a few tablespoons of tabbouleh, hummus, and pesto on the wrap. Top with lettuce. Fold up wrap and serve.



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